ZPMC selling bulk cargo equipment to Japan for the first time

Time:2020-06-19    Number:511    【Big Middle Small】    
ZPMC Port Machinery General Equipment Co., Ltd. signed the contract on one 1,000t/h ship loader with Sojitz Corporation of Japan in May, indicating the bulk cargo equipment designed independently by ZPMC entering the market of Japan, a zero breakthrough. 
The related representatives of ZPMC went to Japan for meeting and exchange on the characteristics of the ship loader and the user's requirements at the invitation of Sojitz Corporation in 2019. It was an important meeting to improve the user’s approval on the products of the Company. 
The contract signing scheduled in January was delayed due to the impact of COVID-19 in the globe. However, ZPMC Port Machinery General Equipment Co., Ltd. managed to sign the contract in the online mode finally after solving much difficulty. 
Japan was a power of the port machinery manufacturing and the local companies made the monopoly on designing and manufacturing the bulk cargo equipment for ports in Japan. They had unique standards on the design, manufacturing and the quality and they also make strict control. Thus, it was hard for the products of other countries to enter the market of Japan.  It is a breakthrough in the market and technology to ZPMC for ZPMC’s products with its own brand to enter the port bulk cargo handling market of Japan. 

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