ZPMC delivering port machinery to Brazil as scheduled despite pandemic

Time:2020-05-25    Number:1387    【Big Middle Small】    

Zhenhua No. 24, loaded with 3 STSs and 5 RTGs by ZPMC for Brazil Salvador Port, arrived at the Port after the 44-day voyage on May 14th. Sergio Augusto Gonçalves, COO of the Terminal, expressed that ZPMC completed the manufacturing and transportation in spite of the serious impact of COVID-19, providing a strong support to improving the operation capacity of the Terminal. He believed that it was a correction decision to select products by ZPMC fromChina.

The Project attracted the attention from the leading media, including Xinhuanet, People.cn, Guozixiaoxin, Cnstock and Sina Finance, reporting the Company made successful shipping for overseas projects as scheduled in spite of the impact of the pandemic.

To make sure the timely berthing and unloading of the equipment, ZPMC International Group made collective coordination and the after-sales service team of Santos Brasil and the team of South America Subsidiary arrived at the Port in time for the support. South America Subsidiary sent the team from Santos to the unloading site in Salvador with buses after 35-hour driving for 2,200km, due to the impact of the pandemic in Brazil. The temporary unloading team was founded with all the people and the unloading technicians of Offshore Service Group on the Ship, making sure the successful unloading on the site.

The unloading team on the site has completed unloading the first equipment with the coordination of different parties in spite of the difficulties of the pandemic and the shortage of the manpower at present. It was planned to complete unloading all the equipment by 22nd of this month.

SalvadorPort, near the northwest side of the Atlantic, is the largest container terminal in the north ofBrazil. ZPMC entered the market ofBrazilin 1996 and has provided 62 STSs, 87 RMGs and ship unloaders, gantry cranes and other port machinery until now. Both parties have been in the friendly cooperation sinceSalvadorPortpurchased the port machinery by ZPMC for the first time in 2000. The shipped equipment will be put into the operation of the new berthing positions of the Terminal after the debugging and delivery on the site.

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