Equipment shipping to Israel Haifa Port

Time:2020-05-08    Number:1686    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC shipped the first batch of 4 STSs and 2 RMGs of Israel Haifa Automatic Terminal toHaifaPort, the largest one inIsrael, on May 5th.

The Port, lied along the west coast ofIsrael, is the hub of the railway along theMediterraneanand the largest port of the Country.HaifaPort, a symbolic project along the Belt and Road, will be the largest container terminal of the Country after the completion with the design annual handling capacity of 1.86millionTEU. ZPMC will provide all automatic equipment for the Terminal, including 8 STSs and 22 RMGs, indicating the Company’s STSs enteringIsraelfor the first time. The STSs in this delivery have the rated load of 61t, track span of 35m, front extending distance of 72m and rear extending distance of 22m and the hoisting height of 53m above the track.

The debugging was started after the general assembly in the early spring of the year. However, the project faced the shortage of manpower due to the impact of the pandemic. The project team took the on-line test innovatively for the live broadcast of the debugging and trial operation to the user, making sure the manufacturing nodes of the project. The innovative mode has been promoted to other overseas projects, speeding up the manufacturing and production as well as the pandemic prevention and control. 

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