A Letter to Our Overseas Colleagues and Their Families

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Dear our industrious overseas colleagues and your selfless families, 

Hope you are well! 

The spring of 2020 is surely an extraordinary time. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted our lively and pleasant Chinese New Year. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all of our overseas colleagues have concerned a lot of the domestic pandemic and sourced pandemic  prevention materials in many ways to assist the State in containing COVID-19 and safeguarding beloved relatives at home. You have taken the initiative to stand fast to work at the frontline of overseas assignment. While strengthening prevention and control of COVID-19, you have promoted the resumption of work and production in a scientific and orderly way, demonstrating your great courage to take the responsibility and accountability. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our highest respect and gratitude to all our overseas colleagues who still stick to their posts during the special period, as well as your families who give support and make selfless contributions silently to ZPMC. Thanks for your hard work!

Under the unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the joint efforts of all the Chinese people, the spread of COVID-19 in China has been effectively curbed. However, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus outside China has increased significantly, and the overseas prevention and control of COVID-19 faces a more severe situation. We are always concerned about your health and safety. Our best expectation is that you keep safe and healthy. We hope you will increase your safety awareness, strictly and carefully implement various preventive measures, and make full preparations for containing the pandemic. Please rest assured that wherever you are and whenever you encounter any problems or difficulties, CCCC and ZPMC, as the most powerful supporter of our overseas colleagues, will give you the strongest support and the warmest care!

In order to prevent the pandemic  and keep safe, we recommend you to take the following measures:

Keep unimpeded access to information

Please follow the official messages and guidance issued by the local health authority and the local Chinese embassy in the country where you are, abide by the relevant official decrees and restrictions and strength prevention and control of COVID-19 in a scientific manner. 

Avoid attending activities in crowds

Make mobility plans carefully, reduce unnecessary outdoor activities, avoid going to crowded places, reduce the risk of infection, reduce international travel, and avoid traveling to countries and regions with severe pandemic .

Treat pandemic  information sensibly

Always follow the information about pandemic  from official channels. Keep alert to the pandemic  information from unidentified sources, refrain from spreading rumors or deny rumors, improve your risk awareness and protect your rights and interests.

Actively consult a doctor if necessary

Those who have traveled to countries and regions with severe pandemic  situations or have close contact with confirmed cases should be self-isolated. If there are suspected symptoms such as fever, cough and dyspnea, please see a doctor timely and follow the instructions of the medical personnel.

Improve your self-management

Adjust your mentality and mood timely, maintain a good state of mind, keep good your home and personal hygiene, strengthen physical exercise, arrange work and rest reasonably, and seek help from overseas institutions or ZPMC timely in case of difficulties.

Please rest assured that CCCC and ZPMC have sufficient experience in tackling many major international emergencies and have sufficient capability to protect our overseas colleagues. Please rest assured that CCCC and ZPMC have already set up a special overseas pandemic  prevention and control team in the earliest time to actively transfer sufficient pandemic  prevention materials to overseas and resolutely safeguard the health and safety of our overseas colleagues. Please rest assured that we know well that the safety of their families is the greatest expectation of all our overseas colleagues and is also a precondition for everyone to work contentedly overseas. CCCC and ZPMC will practically help our colleagues' families to solve the problems they encountered in daily life and create a harmonious and warm atmosphere for our colleagues and their families at home.

If we are united, we can overcome all difficulties. We believe that all the ZPMC people have a torch in their heart and all the torches will jointly light a promising future. We believe that all the ZPMC people have a belief in their mind - “stay true to our initial mission and work toward it diligently”, calling on us to shoulder our responsibilities. We believe that if we unite as one, we are surely to gather a formidable strength to overcome any difficulties. 

Let’s weather out the storm together! Let’s complete the arduous journey together! Let’s march forward with you and share weal and woe with you! Let's unite and help each other to win the final victory in fighting against the pandemic  overseas!

In the end, we wish all our overseas colleagues and your families good health, peace and happiness!

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