ZPMC donating medical supplies to Hamburg Germany

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Panhua, director of Hamburg Liaison Office in China, on behalf of the government of Hamburg, accepted medical supplies donated by CCCC Hamburg Subsidiary and ZPMC jointly at the headquarters of ZPMC in Shanghai in the afternoon of March 20th

Pan said: “Thanks for ZPMC’s support and assistance to Hamburg in such time of difficulty.” The medical supplies, including 5,000 medical masks and 20 protective suits, would be shipped to Hamburg soon as planned, which would be handed out by the health authority of Hamburg.

With the COVID-19 spreading in the globe recently, all federal states of Germany have found cases, totally 22,672 confirmed cases by 00: 00 of 23rd of the local time. ZPMC, caring for the spreading of pandemic in the world, collected medical supplies immediately after learning about the shortage of medical supplies in Hamburg and contacted with Hamburg Liaison Office in China to ship the medical supplies to Hamburg.

“All the people in the world are brothers (Alle Menschen werden Brüder)” was printed on the medical supplies, showing the care and love of ZPMC. ZPMC exported the port machinery equipment to Hamburg for the first time in 1999, developing the “steel” friendship with Hamburg Port. ZPMC Germany Subsidiary was founded officially in Hamburg in 2004, a window of CCCC and ZPMC to Germany and Europe. It was responsible for the business expansion, after-sales services, logistics and procurement, contributing positively to the trade development of both countries.

Wester Hagerman, Economy Minister of Hamburg, said: “Thanks for ZPMC’s donating medical supplies. The news from Shanghai, the sister city of Hamburg, is much exciting. It’s a comfort in such a hard time.”

One good turn deserves another. ZPMC, together with 28 overseas subsidiaries, collected medical supplies in the world on Terminexus, a global supply chain management platform, during the serious pandemic period in China. The medical supplies were donated to major pandemic areas in China under the uniform arrangements of CCCC. The Company also donated medical supplies to users of Yangshan Port, Tianjin Port and Taiwan Wanhai Group and Tu’e Township Lanping County in Yunnan Province, a recipient of the targeted poverty alleviation project. With the increasing improvement of the pandemic prevention and control in China, ZPMC, following the example of the country, started to provide assistance to foreign countries, showing the missions and international social responsibilities of a state-owned company. The Company will provide medical supplies to countries with serious pandemic to fight against COVID-19 together with all the people in the world.

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