rtial delivery for the first fully automatic terminal in North America

Time:2020-03-17    Number:5254    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC delivered 4 of the total 22 automatic RMGs to Long Beach LBCT Terminal in America, the first foreign fully automatic terminal project of the Company, on March 6th. The Terminal was the first fully automatic one in North America and one of terminals of the highest automation in the world. ZPMC supplied all core equipment for the Terminal, including 14 dual-lifting double-trolley STSs, 70 automatic RMGs and 5 automatic railway cranes. Besides, ZPMC also made design and construction of the exchange area of the automatic container yard.

The breakout of coronavirus caused difficulty in visa and flight cancellation for foreign projects. Related persons in charge of Electrical Debugging Department of Inland Engineering Institute, who was in Canada at the time, considering the company was a big family, arrived at the delivery site to promote and coordinate the delivery and to supervise the prevention and control of epidemic and production safety. The team on the site prepared the delivery gradually. The delivery team completed delivering 4 automatic RMGs successfully in March with a shorter delivery period, compared with the delivery of the last equipment, winning the praise of the user.

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