ZPMC’s delivery of first patch of intelligent straddle carriers in Sweden

Time:2020-03-17    Number:334    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC delivered two intelligent straddle carriers developed independently to HWL CTN Terminal in Sweden on March 4th, indicating the approval on ZPMC straddle carriers from main port machinery markets and the real zero breakthrough of the new product of the Company.

The contract on eight lifting-one-over-three intelligent straddle carriers was signed officially in March 2019. The straddle carrier was a new key product developed for the global automatic terminals, which was designed in module with the diesel and battery hybrid power, driving wheel-side synchronous motor and 8-wheel hydraulic independent steering system. The intelligent straddle carrier by ZPMC could be operated in manual or unmanned mode, which could be switched freely. The brand new integrated navigation positioning mode was adopted in the unmanned driving, making sure the positioning accuracy and control leading in the world. To make sure the straddle carriers' safer operation with higher accuracy, ZPMC also provided the safety system and strategies for automatic terminals, making sure all-weather operations in various working conditions.

Two straddle carriers of the first batch were unloaded, debugged and delivered during the breakout of coronavirus in China, causing a longer holiday for workers and traffic blockout, a challenge to the personnel arrangement of the Project Department and the domestic support. However, the Company made judgment on the conditions in advance and relevant arrangement to reduce the impact of the epidemic as much as possible. Finally, 2 straddle carriers were delivered successfully after the unloading and the site debugging for nearly a month.

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