First 2,500KJ large hydraulic pile hammer in China

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The product launch of the first 2,500KJ large hydraulic pile hammer in China was held recently in Beijing, which was developed jointly by Jiangsu Longyuan Zhenhua and Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology. It passed the DNV certification, indicating successful development of large marine hydraulic pile hammer with completely independent intellectual property rights of China and listing in marine construction equipment.

The pile hammer is the first largest dual-operation hydraulic pile hammer in China with the total weight of 355t, largest single pile flange diameter of 5.7m and maximum hitting capacity of 2,500KJ. It is mainly used for the single pile foundation of offshore wind power to drive the foundation pile of about 1,000t wholly into the seabed.

The fast development of offshore wind power in recent years in China made direct requirement for pile hammers and installation vessels. However, all such equipment was imported and the construction would be delayed due to no pile hammer. To make the breakthrough on the localization of such equipment, Jiangsu Longyuan Zhenhua and Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology started to solve technical problems in September 2017.

The first 2,500KJ large hydraulic pile hammer in China was completed in 2019, of which the steel structure, hydraulic system and power unit was localized. It adopted the highly integrated cylinder-valve hydraulic control patent technology, inside-striking pile hammer patent technology for offshore construction and optimization of key components and parts as well as the innovative core techniques of hammer center, driving, hammer cap and buffering system.

Longyuan Zhenhua has participated into the construction of 15 large offshore wind power plants, including Longyuan Jiangsu Rudong, Fujian Putian Nanri Island, China General Nuclear Power Group Rudong and Huaneng Rudong, in recent years. It has completed the foundation of 420 air blowers, installation of 290 offshore air blowers and lifting of 5 offshore booster stations, ranking the top in China. The successful development of such pile hammer is considered as the foundation for manufacturing and supporting serial offshore large hydraulic pile hammers and provides the support for marine construction under the Initiative of Belt and Road.

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